The best robot low noise vacuum cleaner on the market

For its autonomy. A robot low noise vacuum cleaner is a vacuum cleaner that works without the need for us to manipulate it. Using proximity, distance and fall sensors, it allows you to detect obstacles such as furniture or even stairs, and collect all the dust or dirt that you find on the ground while you are moving.

As part of its autonomy, except for very few models, the days and times in which we want it to do the cleaning can be programmed. That is, the robot low noise vacuum cleaner operates by itself, does the cleaning and then when it detects that its battery is running low, it returns to its base to recharge.Even, depending on the model, mop and scrub. When we arrive at our house, we will find the environment clean or what is better, it allows us to completely ignore the subject.

All you need to do, from time to time, is to unload the dust bin, clean its rollers, change the mop or filter.Tasks that in most models are very simple, and for which, in addition, he usually warns himself.

Recommendations to keep in mind

According to what has been analyzed by the experts, when choosing the robot that best suits what we are looking for, some aspects must be taken into account:

It’s Autonomy, That Is, The Duration of the Charge.

This aspect is extremely important since depending on the amount of square meters that have to be cleaned, we will need more or less autonomy. In most models, the duration of the charge is 120 to 130 minutes, with which they usually clean several rooms depending on their size (around 100 m2).

The Height of the Robot and the Distance That Separates Our Furniture from the Floor.

The lower the robot, the better it will adapt to vacuuming under beds, armchairs or any other furniture. They are usually 7 to 9 cm high, that is, a difference of 2 cm, which no matter how small it may seem, will make the difference between cleaning under a piece of furniture or not.

Another important measure is the diameter, if the separation between the furniture is greater than the diameter it will make the robot circulate or, on the contrary, it will detect it as an obstacle and perhaps it will not vacuum that area.

The types of soil we have. It is an indoor robot low noise vacuum cleaner, but depending on the type of floor it can be used outdoors. If the ceramic has pronounced reliefs, or the joints between ceramic and ceramic are very wide, deep or rough, we run the risk that the robot does not suck properly, gets stuck or scratches. If we have long-pile carpets, it is most likely that they will get tangled with the robot’s brushes, get stuck and cannot move through the rest of the environment.

The spare parts, since from time to time it is necessary to change the brushes, filters or rollers. They are usually inexpensive and are purchased as a “kit” (set of spare parts). The kits are very varied, we can acquire a complete one that has spare parts for filters, brushes and rollers; or just a filter kit, which will also bring several units per kit. Another advantage is that we can buy both the own brand or generic spare parts, as long as they are adapted to the model.


  • It is also important to take into account the recent recommendations by the Internet User Security Office (OSI) and the Civil Guard. , some of them are:
  • Verify if the manufacturer has its own server to provide the service or connects to a server in the cloud where the data collected by the device is sent.
  • Know what data is going to be shared with the server and what the use that will be given to it is. Bear in mind that these data are within the protection of the Data Law, it may be another relevant aspect.
  • Make sure which services of the device require connection with the outside.
  • Check if the data that we will upload to the device’s server has some type of computer encryption, encryption and with what security protocol they are protected.

Some web pages of robot brands provide this detailed information, while others only ensure that the data will be protected without further detail. Customer service services do not always have this data and if we look for more detail, we have no choice but to refer to the technical details of the robot itself, consult a specialist or friend who is knowledgeable in the matter.

You can tell a lot about the cleanliness of an individual by what they breathe. If you want to make sure that your carpets are healthy and breathable, it is important that you vacuum them on a regular basis and wash them if necessary (especially if there’s kids or pets visiting often).