The Ultimate Millennial Wedding: Unique Destination Ideas

Millennials are known to be the age group who likes thinking out of the box. They have disrupted traditions and norms, offering a unique way of doing things. That’s one of the reasons why some Gen Xers feel prejudice towards the new generation. The oldies who were so used to following processes and procedures are now being met with people who have extravagant and different views.

The millennial way of thinking (i.e. creative and unbound by rules) has also translated to the way they celebrate marriages. Wedding ceremonies used to be done in churches and five-star hotels. But now, we see couples in their 20s getting married at the beach or park. And it only gets more extreme, as millennials have come up with more extravagant and unusual places to get married. Here are some unique wedding destinations.


Young couples who are fond of history and literature have considered getting married in a library. And we can’t blame them, considering the amazing view brought about by historical architecture and details, designer wallpaper, and antique decorative pieces. Who wouldn’t want to tie the knot surrounded by the best classical love stories ever written?


If you’ve ever been to a museum, then you’re familiar with the quiet atmosphere. It’s a place to appreciate art, history, culture, and the like. Some young couples have actually held their wedding ceremonies in museums, surrounded by paintings and historical pieces. It’s a great destination that will surely be memorable to the couple and the guests since there are a lot of rooms and areas to explore. Believe us; no one will ever get bored.

At Sea

We see a lot of beach weddings, but some couples have taken things up a notch and held their ceremonies on a boat! Imagine having the whole ocean as your backdrop! Rent a boat, yacht, or even a ship for your wedding day, and you’ll be cruising the oceans throughout the whole ceremony!


Are you and your would-be spouse animal lovers? If you are, then you might be up for a zoo wedding. A lot of public zoos allow their establishment to be rented out for special events. And although we understood that as pertaining to children’s parties and school field trips, some couples have considered getting married surrounded by mammals and reptiles.


Wait, what? Getting married underwater might seem completely extravagant. But don’t discard the thought just yet. It’s been done! In 2017, a couple got married exactly where they met — underwater in the Florida Keys. The British Army Sergeant and the former diving instructor made their vows and tied the knot completely submerged in an underwater tablet. Talk about extreme!

Theme Park

If you want a fun-filled wedding reception, go for a theme park wedding. Many theme parks (including Disneyland) can be rented for a day, so you can say your vows in the most exciting way possible. It will surely be a fun-filled ceremony for your guests, considering that they can ride the rollercoasters and carousels all day!

There are so many unique wedding ceremonies today, and couples are beginning to think outside of the box when it comes to celebrating one of the most important days of their lives. If you too want to have a memorable and unique wedding, these destinations are definitely places to consider.