Why whale watching is a must do attraction while in Sydney

The open ocean and stunning beaches, the incredible sights, millions of visitors, and a vibrant nightlife to match a fascinating history. All could describe the capital of New South Wales and one of Australia’s favourite cities.

The city and the sea also provide something very special for anyone with a semblance of love for nature as they can see sights that they will remember for the rest of their lives when heading out on one of the best Sydney whale-watching cruises.

  • Just the thought of seeing some of the most wonderful mammals is enough to get the imagination racing, so rather than just thinking about it, it’s time to head out and experience some magic. The company that conducts the cruises describes it as “the ultimate sensory experience” for very good reason.
  • Seeing the humpback whales break the surface as they come up for air is a never-to-be-forgotten sensation. It is a perfect gift for a loved one to create a romantic outing, or a great way to enjoy family time together as the creatures indulge in aerobics.
  • The tour is relaxed, friendly and informative as the experienced crew relates their knowledge so even those who haven’t done any research will soon know all the vital stuff, while aboard one of the 3 custom-designed ocean-going catamarans. They offer dramatic 360-degree views along with comfort, speed, and safety. They provide the perfect vantage point to make the videos that will make those who have never been keen to make a booking.
  • Those bookings can be made online via the website and offer some generous discounts so that those who are out on a cruise between May and November from Darling Harbour receive great value for money. Those who head out will do so for between 2 and 3 hours and might also see orcas and dolphins throughout their voyage.
  • The whales are migrating and returning through those months as the crew do their utmost, so visitors get a sighting. The cruises are respectful and responsible, upholding the regulations that state that no vessel can go within 100 metres of the whales. The Pacific Ocean is magnificent in the background for both images and the mammals to have a safe passage.

A whale-watching cruise is a major Sydney attraction and one that any lovers of nature should undertake to ensure that they can make memories to last a lifetime.