The possibilities of a future career through a GED qualification

Many young Thais dream of visiting the UK at some time in their lives, while also achieving the best grades during their education to make their parents proud as they set off on their own career path.

Working and studying hard is obviously key components in reaching their goals, but there is a fantastic opportunity awaiting those who take the smart option and decide to try and gain a GED qualification (known as วุฒิ ged in Thai) which can lead to so much more.

  • Fortunately, there is an education centre handily located in the Ari district of Bangkok, along with its sister building in Phuket, that will provide a massive help along the way with their highest quality tutors who have experience at the executive level in their field.
  • In a nutshell, the program will lead to successful scholars being awarded a bachelor’s degree in certain subjects in just 3 years, one less than if all the study takes place in the Land of Smiles. And that is where the bonus comes into play. The first 24 months are studied in Thailand, with the third year at one of several universities in the UK that are part of the program.
  • Imagine that. The learning and adventure that can take place while at a learning establishment in a fascinating country where friends and valuable contacts can be made, as well as the education in the best surroundings with like-minded students. Those concerned about not speaking English can relax as they are provided free lessons throughout their GED course, which sees only 4 subjects for 6 hours a day being studied.
  • There will be a taste of what’s to come as the materials and curriculum for the first 2 years are from the UK, and have been passed by leading regulatory bodies overseas, ensuring the highest standards and clear communication.
  • As well as saving a year of study, it is also financially beneficial as gaining the degree would be 3 times cheaper than having to attend the course for 3 years with all the associated costs that the UK brings.
  • Those interested in a future career in corporate business administration, finance, marketing, and hospitality will be well served and learn much both academically and practically. It could lead to work with huge international corporations and airlines, or even Thai state-owned enterprises.

Enrolling for a GED qualification can lead to a bachelor’s degree and a year of study in the UK, leading to amazing career possibilities.