New Flooring Renovation Projects and What To Consider

Revamping a floor in your home or business can go a long way in stepping up the look and feel of the environment. Whatever space you’re dealing with, be it a living room or lobby, garage or conference room, looking for a professional that specializes in flooring could be the solution for you. There are a lot of things to think about, though, so seeing all the options available is the way to start.

Types of Floors

From carpet to laminate, wood to vinyl, and everything in between, there are dozens of options to choose from. Wood can look modern or classic, and you can get it in a variety of price ranges. Linoleum can be very durable and environmentally friendly. Keep in mind your budget and the look you’re going for when choosing material, and get in touch with a contractor or distributor to see the product in person.

Make sure the material you choose can handle the use it will get where you’re installing it. Tile flooring is incredibly durable, which is why it is used in many bathrooms and kitchens. Carpet, especially plush carpet, is perfect for living rooms or bedrooms, where that cozy feeling under your feet can really tie the room together.

For business uses or for your garage, look into epoxy flooring. It can go directly over concrete and is great for creating a moisture barrier. You don’t have to sacrifice beauty for utility – you would be amazed at the colors and patterns you can get in an epoxy floor.

Design and Style

In a kitchen or office, hardwood or bamboo can really set up the space for a nice combination, especially if you tie in the cabinets. Using dark wood flooring and pale granite countertops can give you great contrast. Bamboo flooring can work very well with ambient or natural light to brighten the area. For a business application, there are plenty of options for neutral colors that are both functional and long-lasting. Don’t forget epoxy’s versatility and the possibility of placing carefully designed mosaics or colorful borders to really bring out the character of your new floor.

Decide what you’re looking for and contact a contractor to get a quote. He or she can give you all the details you need and offer design suggestions. Your new floor is a great starting point for designing your space exactly the way you want.