What to Look For In a Retirement Location

Choosing a retirement location can be a challenge. You may have already imagined a location, such as an idyllic village by the sea or a home in the hills. While a beautiful landscape will bring great happiness, there are other factors just as important for you to consider. It may not seem significant to consider the population of your retirement destination and it may be unpleasant to note the proximity of local healthcare options. However, they will make a great difference down the line. To support you in finding the right location, here are the essential qualities to look for in a retirement location. 


The roads of your chosen location will be important for yourself and others. Is the area easily walkable and without difficult inclines? Keep in mind your potential home’s proximity. If the area has facilities or important locations outside of walking distance, you should examine the local transportation options. Not only is the area covered by public transport significant but also the frequency and availability. Accessibility is also important for potential visits from your loved ones. While a quiet and rural location is often pleasant, they will appreciate being able to easily visit.

Events & Activities

Retiring can, for some, be a sensitive subject. However, with the right location, you can make sure that each week is filled with local events and activities. Opportunities to volunteer or to join local clubs contribute to a better quality of life and support a better sense of community. Think about your interests and hobbies too. If you are an avid bird watcher or you want to learn more about pottery, then look at what your potential location might offer as you will come to appreciate the social and cultural reward in the long run.

Close to Nature

Most people, at their point of retirement and following the stress of cities, look into moving to a quieter environment, one closer to nature. In addition to a calmer atmosphere, less pollution, and a safer community; rural areas also allow you to explore and ramble. You may have the desire to live in a cottage by the sea for the coastal beauty or to one of the retirement villages in Devon for the wildlife. It is easy to forget, however, that many of these places can change drastically. Tourism and shifting weather may inhibit a locations enjoyability for large parts of the year.


Moving to a new location may involve finding a new social circle. If we are left without a sense of community or social interaction even a pleasant environment can fail to bring us joy. Making new friends can be difficult too. When considering a retirement location, spend time talking to potential neighbours and locals. Their insight into the community will be invaluable and their pleasant attitude will likely be indicative of the local spirit. Local cafes and pubs are great places to investigate, as well as other shared spaces, such as libraries and community centres.