Moving Tips: How to Deal with Bulky Items

Moving from one location to the next is a big task, especially if you have large, bulky items that need to be shifted to your new property. A lot of home furniture can be awkward to move and difficult to lift, they are just so big that you struggle to get a grip on them. Removal companies in Sheffield recommend disassembling bulky objects to allow for easier transportation. If you don’t disassemble your furniture, you’ll run into several problems.

  • Furniture won’t fit out the door.
  • Very difficult & dangerous to move.
  • Injuries can occur due to the weight you are lifting.
  • You could damage the item if not moved correctly.
  • Figuring out how to get it down the stairs wastes time & energy.

Like all important projects, you must prepare your furniture before it is moved out of your home.

Storage Bags

You’ll have plenty of screws, nuts and bolts to account for, so bring a storage bag such as a zip lock. Nothing should go missing and every single item should be marked and packed away ready to be reassembled.

Choosing the Items

Don’t go crazy disassembling everything in your home, you only need to focus on very large, heavy items. These items could include your bed, wardrobe, or a sizeable kitchen table.


Gather all the tools you think you’ll need prior to going to work. Make sure you keep them close by as you’ll need them when you arrive at your destination. Use convenient tools like screwdrivers with changeable heads.