Enjoyable Experiences In NYC For Couples: Check This List!

NYC is home to over 80 museums, amazing parks, world-famed landmarks, and a skyline worth envying. There is no dearth of the list of things you can do here, especially when on a trip with your partner. In this post, we are sharing a few ideas and experiences, exclusively for couples who want to see the fun side of NYC.

Find a jazz club

The New York jazz scene is happening and truly magical. From regular jazz shows to romantic cool jazz events, some of the clubs here have too much on offer, and you can find events and shows every week. While you can find entry on most days, but for special shows, you need an advance booking. Jazz bars also have amazing booze and food on offer, so you are sorted for the evening.

Enjoy the Statue of Liberty

While a visit to the Statue of Liberty might be on every person’s wish list, it can be an utterly romantic experience, as well. If you both have the energy, we recommend that you walk all the way up, but when you want to see the views, take the Staten Island Ferry. It is free for everyone, and in the evening, the whole skyline and Lady Liberty just shine like diamonds.


Watch a Broadway show

Despite the rush, a visit to Times Square is never to be missed. We agree that the area is chaotic, but this is also close to the entertainment hub of NYC. If you are in this city, make time for one of the iconic Broadway shows. The tickets can be expensive, but trust the experts when they say that nothing matches the charm of a romantic Broadway show. Book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Enjoy a concert

New York City is known for events and concerts, and some of these are organized at popular parks and entry is gratis. If you truly want to mingle with the locals and have fun with your partner, this is a great way to spend time. Central Park has many other attractions, as well, so you can be busy the entire day.


Try a food tour

NYC is more than just about pizzas, and you will find some really organized food tours for different areas. It is an ideal way to spend your day, and more importantly, you both can experiment with food that’s not obvious.

Check online for jazz clubs and concert tickets.