What Are The Advantages Of Installing Electronic Door Operators?

Automatic electronic doors provide high level of convenience. Whether you have a shopping centre or any other kind of business with high foot-traffic, there are many advantages of installing such access systems. Find out how these door systems work and what their advantages are.

How Do Electronic Automatic Doors Work?

DDA compliant electronic automatic doors work using a wide range of sensors that detect different factors like:

  • Weight
  • Sound
  • Motion
  • Light

Whilst some systems use only weight sensors to detect a person standing on a mat in front of the door, others use motion sensors to detect movement in specific areas around the door. Once a sensor sets off, a signal is transmitted to the electronic drive train and controls the opening/closing mechanism. The mechanism is connected to the automatic doors.

Advantages of Electronic Automatic Doors

Some of the most important advantages of installing electronic automatic doors are as follows:

1. Convenience

Convenience, as already mentioned, is one of the most important benefits of installing automatic electronic doors.

  • There is no need for human effort to open or close the doors
  • Your visitors will not have to struggle with pushing heavy manual doors
  • Such doors can especially be beneficial for children, the disabled, and the elderly
  • Besides, the electronic door operators are also helpful for those carrying heavy packages or kids

It is recommended to check here for more details about the convenience offered by electronic door operators.

2. Perfect for Temperature Controlled Areas

When you install electronic door operators, there is no need to worry about forgetting to close the doors. They are perfect for areas with controlled temperatures. No matter how much care you take, it is highly likely that you will leave the door open. This can ruin the effects of air-conditioning or heating.

Installation of automatic doors can help in addressing this issue. Whether it is at home or in a commercial place, there will be no need for you to have someone who opens and closes the door.

3. Energy Efficient Access Systems

This benefit originates from the above-mentioned point. The doors will open and close only when someone needs to enter or exit. This helps in maintaining the indoor temperatures at a far better rate compared to traditional doors that need to be pushed or pulled open. Thus, you are able to save more on your heating and cooling costs.

4. Enhanced Safety & Security

Another advantage of installing such doors is that they help increase safety and security for your building. This specifically applies during off-business hours and for garage doors. Once the door has been locked, there is no way that an intruder can open it. There is no accessible locking mechanism that can be tampered with. The only way to access such doors is with the help of a code or remote control.

5. Better Emergency Management

Electronic door operators can be used in different areas, not just the entrance. And they can be beneficial in emergency management.

  • Evacuations can be made quickly and safely
  • Such a door can also be integrated into your fire exit strategy
  • Settings can allow you to keep the door open to allow efficient exit whenever needed
  • You can also set the automatic door to get closed to prevent people from entering the building

Fire rated electronic doors can help in preventing fire from spreading.

6. Helps Create a More Hygienic Environment

There are automatic doors with air-tight configuration. Such entrances can help keep most of the dust and dirt out of your building. As already mentioned, the entrance doesn’t remain open for a long period of time. It is opened only when someone passes through. This feature has a huge impact on how much dust, dirt, and pathogens can enter the building.

Thus, there are many advantages of installing automatic doors. They help increase your building’s energy efficiency. They add convenience to the entry and exit process, and also comply with the latest DDA regulations. In addition, you can find them in different shapes, styles, designs, colours, and finishes. The aesthetic elements can be customised to your building’s theme or your preferences. It is also worth mentioning that the unique operational design of electronic door operators also save space.