Ten Interesting Facts About Everyone’s Favourite Toy Lego

Its multi-coloured bricks are instantly recognisable throughout the world as one of the most well-known children’s toys. Over the years, Lego has continually evolved and managed to keep itself at the pinnacle of the toy industry with different ranges aimed at varied age ranges. The Lego City sets, oversize Star Wars vehicles and other movie tie-ins are especially popular with children and adults alike. This short piece will give you some fun facts and interesting information about everyone’s favourite construction toy.

  1. The word Lego translates from the Danish phrase ‘leg godt’, meaning ‘play well’ in English, but it also has multiple Latin translations, including ‘I collect’ and ‘I compose’, which are also relevant.
  2. Lego was founded by Ole Kirk Christensen and initially made wooden toys, but after a fire in 1947, it was decided by Ole’s son Godtfred to switch to plastic products and concentrate on the Lego system of interlocking bricks.
  3. As the company grew, an airport was built in their hometown of Billund to facilitate the distribution of Lego, and their headquarters still reside there today.
  4. The expiry of the last of Lego’s patents in 1989 has led to a range of similar products, both legal and illegal. However, Lego’s continual exploration of new and exciting products has meant they are still the brand leader after over sixty years of trading.
  5. For younger children, the Lego Duplo range was developed in 1969 to fire their imagination with a simpler system that unleashes self-exploration and improves motor skills.
  6. Older children can enjoy the vast and diverse range of Lego products, movie tie-in ranges such as Batman, Harry Potter, or Jurassic World are particularly popular. For budding engineers, Lego Technic’s challenging builds have working functions and introduce mechanisms and concepts that transfer into adult life.
  7. The previously mentioned Star Wars range has huge vehicle sets that now form the centrepiece in the homes of many adult Lego enthusiasts; some of the more popular sets in the range can change hands for hundreds of pounds.
  8. The Lego motto is ‘only the best is good enough’ and was created by Ole Christiansen to encourage his employees to produce a high-quality product.
  9. In 2011, thirteen Lego sets were transported to the International Space Station, where astronauts tried to build Lego models to see how they would react to microgravity.
  10. The largest Lego model ever built was a full-scale 1:1 model of a Star Wars X-wing fighter which was constructed and displayed in New York in May 2013; other significant Lego records include a four-kilometre railway and a thirty-four-metre-high tower.

Lego is now one of the world’s most recognisable brands and is continually evolving with sets for young and old. If you want to encourage your children’s development and motor skills, find your nearest Lego store today.