Reasons Why Using a Dry Cleaning Alternative is Right for You

Many people are becoming aware of how harmful chemicals and toxins are for both the environment and their health. Because of this, they are switching from the traditional methods of cleaning using harsh products and instead opting for healthier eco-friendly choices. As consumers decide to support businesses using environmentally conscious and sustainable products more companies have gone green.

Traditional dry cleaning tends to use solvents and other harsh chemicals to clean clothes. Dry cleaning alternative services, however, get your clothes and other articles clean without the use of toxins or chemical products. Though some consider professionally washing their clothes a luxury there are reasons, in many circumstances, why it is the right choice to make and will actually save you money in the long run. Here are some good reasons to consider.

  1. Time and Energy

While doing laundry is a part of life there are some items of clothing which are more difficult to clean than others meaning more time spent washing your clothes. If you have stained your favourite blouse or dress pants it can take quite a while to get it out. After some effort it might still be there and taking it to a professional may be your only option. Items that are delicate or need ironing also take a considerable amount of time so send it to a cleaner instead.

  1. Save Money

Though it may not be an obvious observation taking your clothing into a dry cleaning alternative company will actually cut costs in the long run. When using a home washer and dryer it can be hard on the items you are washing and this often causes them to fade or become misshapen over time. When you have them cleaned by an experienced professional this does not happen at the same rate. Also, they are able to get out stains in clothing you may otherwise have to toss out.

  1. Preserve Clothing

There is nothing worse than having an outfit you love or a pair of pants that fit you just right but you can no longer wear because they look old and discoloured because you have washed them in your own washing machine. When you use a dry cleaning alternative you will find they last much longer and maintain their shape and colour. Dry clean only and hand washable items won’t be damaged and will always look great because they have been professionally washed.

  1. Get Out Stubborn Stains

There are some stains you cannot get out of your clothing by just scrubbing and using a stain remover, and even if you do manage to rid the spot of the discolouration you may find yourself with a garment that is faded around the stain. So, instead of spending time and effort working to remove it, take it to a dry cleaning alternative business and they will help you.  They are experienced in getting clothes back to looking their best and removing stubborn stains.

  1. Remove Odours

Though your black or dark blue business suit might not look visibly dirty it will get to the point that it needs a good cleaning. However, you cannot use your own washing machine as it will damage or destroy it. So when your attire has gotten a bit of an unwanted odour it is a good idea to take it to your favourite dry cleaning alternative company. This can also be done for jackets and coats as well as rugs and draperies. Removing odours makes them all seem new again.

  1. Wash and Preservation of Dress Clothes

After your wedding or prom you want to have your gown or wedding dress professionally cleaned so it can be preserved into the future because of their sentimental value. Even if they do not look dirty to the visible eye things such as your skins oils or sweat can cause discolouration over time. It is important to have them dry cleaned as soon as possible after the big day to make sure they are preserved in pristine condition.