Moving into a tiny house: Where to put your extra things?

Small houses have the benefit of being far more affordable than their larger counterparts. If you sell your home and downsize, then you’re greeted with lots of extra cash from the sale! The only downside is that you will have less space to store all of your things.

Consequently, you’re left with lots of personal belongings and nowhere to put them. So, where should you store all of the things that can’t fit in your tiny home? Well, the best option is a private self-storage unit.

What are self-storage units?

If you’ve not heard of self-storage units before, then you may wonder what they are and how they work. Essentially, you pack your things and take them to a self-storage facility near you. Here, you pay for a secure storage unit and move all the stuff into the space. Then, you lock it up, take the key with you, and you’re done.

It’s really that simple, and you rent the storage unit from the self-storage provider. You either pay monthly or if you only plan on keeping your things there for a specific period, then you can pre-pay and save money. Check this website for more info regarding self-storage.

Why keep your belongings in self-storage units?

The benefits of self-storage units are clear. Firstly, you have a safe storage location to keep some of your most valuable belongings. There’s no danger of anything getting stolen as you provide your own padlock, and you’re the only one with a key.

Furthermore, you have a range of self-storage units to choose from – and they vary in size. There are 200sqft storage units, and ones the size of large gym lockers. This gives you the freedom to choose a size that suits your needs. As a result, it becomes a cost-effective storage idea as you only pay for what you need.

Thirdly, it’s definitely the most convenient storage option around. With self-storage, you can come and go as you please. If you need to take things out of storage because you want to use them, then you can. If you need to put something else in there as it takes up too much room in your home, then you can! You have full access to your unit during facility opening times, so your stuff is always available.

Realistically, your only other storage options are to keep your items in your home somewhere. This could mean you waste all of your garage or attic space as they’re full of boxes. As a result, your tiny home gets even smaller! Or, you’re forced to keep storage boxes around the house, which takes up loads of space. You could ask family members or friends to store things for you, but then you become a burden on them. With top-quality self-storage units from, you save space in your home without annoying any relatives!

Ultimately, if you want a cost-effective, safe, and hassle-free way of storing your extra things, then self-storage is the way to go. Choose a unit size that suits your requirements, then stack all your moving boxes inside and keep them there for as long as you want.