Benefits of Driveway Gates

Having a gated driveway will allow a person to have control over the people they allow on their property. Nortex automatic gates will open and close with a code and will have total control over who comes on the property. These are some benefits to installing driveway gates.


This is the main reason why people install driveway gates. They can control who enters their property. No one can just walk up to the door. Driveway gates often come with additional security features including a keypad where a code is entered, intercoms to see who is coming to the gate, and an automatic lock function to lock the gate once it closes.

Property Value 

The Nortex automatic gates will help increase the value of the property. Many people are looking for a gate when they purchase a home and the gate will allow a person to get a higher asking price for their property.


This is another reason why many people chose to install a driveway gate. They want to keep their family safe and secure. The driveway will keep people from getting in the home. It will also keep people from leaving home. A pet can safely run around outside and they will be on their owned property. They cannot roam the neighborhood or get hit by a car. The gate is also great for young children. They cannot leave the property either. This will keep all of the family safe.

Easy Use

Most of the driveway gates are automatic which makes it easy to use. When a person comes up to the gate they can enter their code in the keypad. The same can be done when they are leaving the property. A person can also purchase an automatic door opener and hit the button when they come up to the property. This will make it easy to open and access the gate. The gate will lock on its own once it is closed.


Driveway gates can add a look of beauty to the home. There are many different materials for the gate to select from. A person can find the one that they are looking for and the one that will best fit their property. Some materials that can be used include wrought iron or even wooden gates. There are some modern styles as well as rustic looking gates. The gate will make the home more visually appealing and will add curb appeal to those that go by.


If a person lives in a community they may need to deal with neighbors or even strangers looking into the home as they go by. The gate can give the property some privacy. No one will be able to get that close to the home without the permission of the owner. The gate will keep people from checking out the property allowing the homeowner to enjoy an additional sense of security.


Driveway gates can be customized to meet the needs of the homeowner. The sizes and styles can be designed to fit the unique needs of the property. A person can also design the gate to meet their safety and their security needs as well. The homeowner can also select the material of their choice for the gate.

These are some features of installing an automatic driveway gate on the property. A person will know that their family is safe and their home will be worth more money. They will be able to enjoy the ease of a gate without any hassle.